Grounded in Truth & Growing in Grace

In Psalm 1:3 the person whose delight is the law of the Lord is compared to a tree planted by streams of water. Fresh streams result in fruitful seasons and healthy growth. Being Grounded in Truth & Growing in Grace provides the same spiritual benefits. The constant stream of truth from God’s word, coupled with His grace provides healthy spiritual growth - Christ in us, the result of the cross. Truth and grace are essential ingredients as we seek to make disciples of one another at LJBC and of others within our sphere of influence. 

How to Connect About Our Church
Free Indeed - A 12 Step Recovery Program

Free Indeed, a 12-step recovery group,  meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.  Free Indeed will be led by Mickey Tays, someone who has experienced victory through God’s grace and mutual accountability for nearly 29 years. Mickey has a tender heart towards those who struggle with addictions and unhealthy habits and desires to help. For more informatioin, see the EVENTS page or click here.


“In the beginning, God”

These first four words of the Bible have always gripped my attention. God doesn’t seek to explain or describe Himself. He merely states His existence and then begins to educate those reading about the Genesis (beginning) of the heavens and the earth. It’s profound when you think about it. God continues explaining the creation account, and the willing learner discovers much about God and His interaction with mankind. It is no surprise, that the veracity of the Genesis 1-12 has been attacked and debated for a long time. After all, didn’t the Serpent guide Eve into questioning God’s word in the Garden of Eden? Likewise, wasn’t that his plan of attack while tempting Jesus after 40 days of fasting? If the enemy can deceive you and I into questioning God’s Word about God’s creation account and the activities of mankind up through Abraham, he will have done his job well as the deceiver.

Beginning September 2023, we will consider the texts of Genesis 1 through 12. Our approach will be a literal interpretation, laying a foundation for the rest of God’s inspired word which tells the story of redemption for those who believe and follow Him. Among the things we will consider are:

            In The beginning, God,

            God’s creation account,

            Mankind – created in the God’s image,

            Knowing good and evil,

            Out of the garden and into the world,

            Demonic activity among men,

            Noah’s adventure,

            The original rainbow,

            The Tower of Babel.

Join us as we embark on a journey together that begins In the beginning.