God – There is one, eternal, true and living God who has revealed Himself in three distinct, though equal persons, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ – is the Son of God who existed from eternity past, yet was born of a virgin in God’s time – 100% God and 100% man. Jesus’ perfect sacrifice for sin was through His shed blood. After death, He resurrected and was seen by many, ascended into heaven, where He is interceding on behalf of His followers.

The Holy Spirit – is also referred to as the Spirit of God. He convicts people of their sin, of righteousness and of coming judgment. His conviction leads to regeneration and spiritual birth through faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is the down payment of the fullness of God’s promise of salvation. He indwells all believers at the point of salvation. His filling, a result of submission and obedience, enables believers to live godly lives. The Holy Spirit also distributes spiritual gifts to all believers which makes effective service possible within the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit always exalts Jesus Christ.

Scriptures – The writing of the Old and New Testament are God’s very word to us. The Bible has in its entirety been verbally inspired and serves as our foundation and authority for faith and living a Christ honoring life.

Salvation – of mankind is needed because of Adam’s original sin and each one’s individual sin. Forgiveness, which leads to spiritual life, cannot be earned, rather it is a gift received by grace through faith because of Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on the cross. God’s grace includes both faith and repentance and results in eternal life, a righteous standing and sonship in the family of God.

The church – is the universal body of believers as well as a local body of believers in Jesus Christ. Our Lord gifts His church with leadership of the local body that is to be Spirit filled. The office of elder is given for spiritual leading and protection of the body. Deacons are given as servants of the body. The two ordinances left by our Lord for His church are believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The church has been tasked with making disciples in all of the world through evangelism and teaching. The cornerstone of the church is love.

Separation – Christians should separate themselves from a lifestyle that is not God honoring, avoiding things clearly mentioned in Scripture – adultery, homosexuality, drunkenness, idolatry, reviling, thievery, covetousness, extortion, and the like; as well as, questionable activity that would bring reproach on the name of Christ. When a believer is entangled in unrepentant sin those who are spiritual should seek to restore such a one, taking care lest they themselves be tempted.

Future event – The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ will come again and receive His followers unto Himself. Sin will be judged. Our Lord is presently preparing a place for the entire family of God, Old and New Testaments saints, who will spend eternity in the presence of their Creator and God.