Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was probably the most humble entry of a king since the world began. Think about it, the One who holds all thing together (Colossians 1.17) rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed colt. Of the 89 chapters written by the four Gospel writers, 25 of them,  are dedicated to the details of Jesus’ last week of His earthly ministry, from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, up to His crucifixion. That’s a little over 28% of the text of the Gospels. Knowing He was born to die, and that the culmination of that portion of God’s plan was upon Him, helps us recognize the significance of the words He spoke during those 7 days. Perhaps a fresh reading and meditation is in order for each of us – Matthew 21-27, Mark 11-15, Luke 19-23 and John 12-19. As we consider the impact of the Easter story again, let’s ask God to give us a renewed understanding of Jesus, the King of kings.