In John 10.10 Jesus said, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” 

I recently asked people in our congregation, “When you aren’t experiencing abundance in your spiritual life, what have you discovered consistently hinders you?” The answers were honest and transparent, and often the same things that might hinder you or me from the abundant life that Jesus speaks of: seasons of prayerlessness, lack of meditation on God’s word, not exercising the spiritual discipline of being still and knowing that He is God, business, worry, and on and on the real-life obstacles were suggested. 

We walked through a series of questions that Sunday to help each of us individually discover our thinking about Jesus’ words. Perhaps these questions might help you discern whether you live in the abundance Jesus speaks of:

Are Jesus’ words about abundant life my experience? Or, is my spiritual dynamic less than what it could be? 

Is abundant life something I genuinely desire to understand and have? Or, Do I see abundant life as so unattainable that I am frustrated? 

Do I tell myself others can have this abundant life, but I cannot? Or, Am I willing to believe Jesus at His word and exercise the spiritual disciples necessary in order to experience abundant life? 

Do I place more confidence in my thoughts, feelings and experiences? Or, do I operate in the truth of God’s declared abundance for me? 

Do I say this is impossible for me? Or, do I acknowledge the need to change my thinking, aligning it with God’s truth, to experience abundant life? 

Do I think abundant life means lack of challenges and difficulties? Or, does abundant life mean the ability to live above my circumstances? 

Is my lack of abundance in life is an isolated incident? Or, is my lack of abundance in life a life pattern? 

Am I fooled into believing what others claim about abundant life? Or, do I gain my understanding about abundant life from my personal study of Scripture? 

Let’s believe Jesus at His word and walk in spiritual victory and abundance.