In February of this year our church family launched a fresh discipleship ministry direction of Home Groups and SUPERChurch. We had a strong start with 7 Home Groups which were attended by more adults than normally participated in our former Sunday School ministry. While the ideal size of the groups has been larger than what we had planned, the participation has been healthy, and growing better each time a group meets. One of the dynamic of disciple making is genuine spiritual fellowship, which is one of the byproducts of each group that meets in someone’s home every other week. Alongside of that, Bryan and Jerry have designed Bible topics that speak to the basics of being a growing disciple. The spiritual conversations have been great and profitable.


SUPERChurch also began in early February with kids that are 5 and up participating in a Bible centered message and activity time of their own during the adult’s morning Bible message. SUPERChurch leader Dwayne Albin has a great team of workers leading our kids in their own focus of being a growing disciple of Jesus. Presently Anna Holsten, and new incoming Tosh Miller, a seminary pastoral intern, help on the SUPERChurch team. Since SUPERChurch’s inception, Dwayne has begun Team 68, for 6th through 8th graders. SUPERChurch is the place to be on Sunday mornings!


We are excited to see how the Lord will use Home Groups and SUPERChurch to grow us as His disciples. We’re choosing to believe God that He will bless these fresh approaches to the disciple making ministry He has called us to.