As you’ve probably noticed, we have mentioned our children’s ministries on our sign out front for several weeks now. We’ve highlighted our nursery through a Jesus Said video, and our AWANA ministry has consistently been a front door to bringing new families into fellowship with our church and even an avenue for salvation for the kids and their family members alike.

We love our kids here at LJBC, but we can only do so much with them for one hour each week. If kids are able to come to both AWANA and SUPERChurch every week, we have around 2 hours each week with each kid. If we as a church are to lead our kids into a saving knowledge of Christ and kingdom-oriented life, our parents and guardians ought to be more involved than our ministry leaders in leading our own kids to love Jesus and serve him.

According to surveys done in 2015, many young adults who identify as Christians hold views that are incompatible with Christianity (heresy), over 20% of young adults will claim to not have a religious affiliation, and just last year a study was released that stated less than 40% of people claim to be “strongly religiously affiliated” at all! To be fair, our goal is not to raise children who “affiliate” with religion, or who can pass a religious orthodoxy test, for the sake of the survey numbers going up. But we ought to be concerned about the state of our children’s souls!

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Moses is telling the people what to do with the Word of God, and in verse 7 he says “Repeat it to your children.” In SUPERChurch and AWANA, we make sure to repeat the Word of God to our kids. We use memory verses, scriptural stories, and the kids read along. But I would challenge everyone with kids at home to repeat the Scripture to your kids. Read it to them, have them read it back. Memorize verses with them for SUPERChurch and AWANA.

If you don’t have a good place to start, grab one of our kid’s devotionals on the welcome desk, or ask one of our church elders (Jerry, Dwayne, Bryan) or our children’s ministry leaders (Tosh, Kirk), and they will be more than happy to help you love God, love others, and serve the world for Christ.