Meet our Leaders

Jerry Tharp

Jerry Tharp


I came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as a young man in 1980. I had received a gospel booklet from a coworker and while reading was easily convinced and convicted of my sinful state before holy God. Alone, in my mailman’s jeep, I called upon the name of the Lord with the limited understanding that I had of the gospel message, but with absolute sincerity of heart. God began doing a work in my heart and life that day. Looking back, April 8, 1980 was the beginning of a spiritual journey that has been one of life’s toughest, enjoyable, challenging and rewarding pursuits of my life. God continues to pour out His grace upon me, working in me and conforming me to the image of Christ; and I am grateful.

The Lord has given me a strong commitment to His church. I understand my task as one of an under shepherd, a follower of the Great Shepherd, and one who seeks to lead and help other follow Him too. I am convinced that the greatest need in the church today is conformity to the image of Christ through humble obedience to God’s Word. I am privileged to be able to serve my Lord and His church as a pastor.

I came to Lone Jack Baptist in July of 2005 and prior to that I was the Family Pastor at Red Bridge Baptist Church. My wife Kathy and I, along with our four children also served as church planting missionaries for 12 years in northeast Brazil with the Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission from 1987 to 1999.

I have seen God use all of life’s events to prepare me for ministry opportunities; I believe He does this for all that follow Him. I received formal training through a bachelor’s degree from Calvary Bible College. It was during my time at Calvary that I began sensing God’s leading into full-time ministry. While in Brazil, I completed work on a Master of Arts in Ministry degree from Luther Rice University. I am presently taking classes from Luther Rice in the area of Church Leadership.

I can identify with the woman in Luke 7 who was forgiven much and therefore she loved much. God has, and continues to extended great grace to me. I’m convinced that is the basis for my desire to serve Him and want to continue to grow spiritually. I continue to have a passion for God’s Word and His church. My delight in ministry is to encourage others and see them growing and being used of God.

My wife, Kathy, and I have been married for 35 years and we share a heartbeat of being devoted to and serving our Lord, both individually and together. We are blessed with an awesome, close knit family which includes: Kristin, Thiago and Lucas; Ashley, Steven, Kyler and Evilina; Brian, Holly, Jubilee and Jace; and Andrea.


The heartbeat of the spiritual leadership at Lone Jack Baptist is to be led by the Lord Jesus Christ. Colossians 1.18 tells us, “He is the head of the body, the church.” Our church family is part of the body of Christ which includes all believers in all nations. The Lord left local churches instruction for leaders to equip and lead out in ministry. The spiritual leadership of LJB is made up of three elders, one of whom is our pastor. These men, Bryan Midgett,  Pastor Jerry Tharp and Dwayne Albin seek to lead His church by His grace and for His glory.


Our church also has several men who serve as deacons.  Our deacons serve God’s church and His people tirelessly and without fanfare.  Each of these men seek to personally grow in the grace of the Lord and serve His church as they are filled with His Spirit.


Tosh Miller

Tosh Miller

Ministry Staff, SUPERChurch, Community Engagement

Tosh came to know God as a child in his parents’ home in Piedmont, Oklahoma. Through God’s divine grace, he spent some time at a tech startup and the Oklahoma City Zoo before moving to Kansas City for his Master of Divinity degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Tosh met his wife Ally when her roommate came back from a campus event at Midwestern and told her that she needed to meet this “normal guy.” Tosh still isn’t sure if that’s a compliment.

Tosh joined Lone Jack as an intern during the final year of his degree at Midwestern, and came on staff following his internship. He loves teaching our kids about God through story and song.

Donna Barnett

Donna Barnett


If you come into the church office during the day, you will be greeted by Donna Barnett, our church secretary. Donna serves the Lord by serving His church and His followers in the tasks He brings her way.