Do you wonder why Christian believe what they do? Or maybe, why a particular aspect of the gospel message is present? Or maybe you were raised in the church and you’re looking for answers to questions about the Christian faith that have never been satisfied. The Epistle to the Romans is a great place to get answers. Paul was writing to a church that he hadn’t yet visited and in doing so he outlines the gospel like no other New Testament book. I believe that this New Testament writing answers questions about the Christian faith better than any other book because of the circumstances surrounding the epistle. Paul wanted to have a ministry among the believers in Rome, but he hadn’t been able to get there yet, though he had tried. So he wrote them this 16 chapter letter, addressing critical and foundational issues about faith in Christ. This book promises to ground and even challenge those who study it about what they believe and why they believe what they believe. I believe Paul states his goal in chapter 1, verse 5 where he says he had “received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name.” Obedience to the faith was needed then, it is still needed today. We are presently considering Romans in our Sunday morning worship service. If you need a place to worship and you’re interested in allowing the word of God improve, correct and instruct (2 Timothy 3.16) you in righteousness, come and join us! Our journey to Rome together promises to change our lives.