Over the past few months, the elders of our church have been evaluating our effectiveness in the disciple making process. We sensed the need to do this because of the task of being the spiritual leaders entrusted with this responsibility (Hebrews 13.17). We have asked and answered questions like “Is our Sunday School as effective as we can be in reaching the kids of our church families and the kids in our community?” Along that same line, “Are kids engaged and receiving anything from the pastor’s message during our worship service?” “And what about our youth? Do we see evidence of our teenagers growing in their faith and influencing others for Christ?” From there, Jerry, Bryan and Dwayne moved to evaluating our adult discipleship process. “Are our adults involved in each other’s lives, or do we see families slipping away with little to no notice to the rest of the body, until it’s too late?” Those involved in Sunday School are focusing on Scripture, but is there a fresh excited atmosphere, or is it just business as usual?” The answers we discerned from the questions we asked motivated us to speak with the ministry leaders involved and then a larger group of people from our church family. The result of this prayerful process is our elders leading us into a fresh approach to our disciple making ministry.

The evaluation was humbling, but enlightening, and we all agreed that we shouldn’t, no, we couldn’t be content with the status quo. Since Jesus emphasized being and making disciples as strongly as He did, our church family should do the very best we can at being His disciple and seeking to make disciple of others too.

Beginning the first week in February our church family moved to a new ministry model with a Home Groups and SUPERChurch emphasis. We have more adults signed-up to participate in a Home Group than previously participated in Sunday School. And SUPERChurch is shaping up to be a more effective tool too.

Our first phase of Home Groups is emphasizing discipleship, specifically addressing the question “What would Jesus want me to look like as His disciple?” We began with 7 Home Groups, one of which is our senior’s group who will continue to meet on Sunday morning for their convenience. All the groups are going through the same material this first phase, and then we will retool for the fall, 2017 Home Group ministry.

            SUPERChurch takes place after families worship together. Kids from 5 years old and up meet in the SUPERChurch area of the fellowship hall. They have their own dedicated team of leaders, and will continue to grow into a ministry design that focuses on reaching and teaching kids about following Jesus, on their level. We believe SUPERChurch is already more effectively ministering truth to our children, than simply being quiet during Pastor Jerry’s message. Babies through 4 years old are welcome in the nursery, located on the same level as our auditorium.

We believe we are positioning ourselves to be more effective at the task of being and making disciples. With that, we believe we are positioning ourselves, as His church, to receive a blessing from God. Join us as we seek to be, and become, the disciples that Jesus would have us be. Let’s also join hands in ministry seeking to make disciples of others like He instructed us to do in Matthew 28.18-20.