In the Epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul unfolds a systematic understanding of the gospel. He begins with showing mankind their condition outside of Christ because of sin, a condition of condemnation. He then moves to life in Christ, by grace through faith, describing the believer’s justification.


Alva J McClain highlights 12 blessings that accompany the believer’s position of being justified in Christ. Being justified by faith:


we have peace with God;

we have access by faith into this grace;

we have a standing of grace;

we have joy in hope of the glory of God;

we glory in tribulations;

we have a hope that will not disappoint;

we have the love of God shed abroad in our hearts;

we have the Holy Spirit;

we have the proof of God’s love because Christ died for us;

we are going to be saved from wrath;

we are going to be saved by his life (an anticipation of more);

we rejoice in God.


As a pastor, I sometimes find myself talking with Christians going through difficult situations.  Many times a simple reminder of who the believer is in Christ and the benefits of what Christ has provided His followers is enough to bring encouragement.


Contemplate the blessings you have been given as a result of the justification which Christ provides you as His follower.