May 18th, 2015

During the Bible study portion of our worship services on Sunday morning we are working our way through Ephesians 5. We have discovered that as followers of Jesus Christ we are instructed to walk in love, in light and in wisdom. As we do that we are imitating God as His dear children. Can you imagine the confusion that we as believers cause to onlookers, those outside of Christ, when we don’t imitate God in this way? They would hear a gospel of power and repentance and love but see a powerless, ineffective gospel in the lives of those who claim to follow Jesus. And that’s just the practical human perspective. As we consider how loveless, lightless and wisdomless walking affects the relationship we have with our God, its even more sobering. Fortunately God, in His wisdom, provided the indwelling Holy Spirit who energizes and guides and enables believers to follow Christ in a way that is both, pleasing to the Lord and fulfilling to followers too. That’s why it’s so important that Paul’s admonition to “not grieve the Holy Spirit of God” be heeded through humble obedience to known truth from God’s word.

Join us in the journey as we meditate on truth from Ephesians 5 recognizing that as we do so we are being Grounded in Truth while Growing in Grace .